Chocabloc Border Collies
Here at CHOCABLOC Border Collies our dogs are an active part of our everyday life being raised with children, horses, cattle and other household pets . We feel that they are Chocabloc full of all of the qualites that you would expect of well bred, family raised, beautiful Pedigree Border Collies.

First and foremost we believe that a carefully bred Border Collie should be true to type, temperament, soundness and conformation. Quality is never an accident! It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. 

We have owned border collies for the last 22 years and have fallen in love with this fantastic breed. Herding and stock work are our chosen disciplines, but we enjoyed conformation showing as well. We strive to nurture their natural instincts all the while keeping with the breed standard allowing for stunning looking Border Collies that have not lost their original purpose.

Situated in the beautiful Wide Bay area of QLD, our dogs have large acreage on which to play and work. They enjoy a beach outing when the occasion presents itself. Our Border Collies are raised with our 3 children and we have never had an issue with any of them (the dogs that is). They are loyal and affectionate toward young and old alike. Temperament is one of the foremost qualities that we look for in our Borders. 

All of our dogs have had full DNA testing with regard to the 13 diseases that are able to be tested for such as CEA, NCL, TNS, MDR1, Glaucoma etc. and are PennHip scored before breeding. The health and happiness of our dogs and their offspring comes first. Our dogs are not 'breeding stock' they are our family members and are treated as such, living with us, not in cages or kennels.

Chocabloc is striving to breed a Border Collie type that can fit into a variety of households, be it as an all important family pet or competing in agility, obedience, trialing, herding, flyball or in the show ring whilst remaining true to type and bettering this beautiful breed. Chocabloc Border Collies may come in a variety of colours, you may see black and white, red and white, chocolate and white, blue and white, lilac and white and tri-colour puppies. What's most important to us though, is the health and happiness of our puppies. Conformation, temperament and ability are the main focus here. One of the most important things to remember is that a good Border Collie is never a bad colour :)

We at Chocabloc are all registered, including myself, and we operate under the code of ethics as set down by Dogs QLD and the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). 

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and if you do decide that a Border Collie is the breed for you we are sure that you will be owned by them for years to come.

Proud Member of the CCC Q Dogs Queenland.

Registered Breeder number 4100146744. 



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