Chocabloc Border Collies

Limited or Main Register


Pedigree papers certify your Border Collie’s ancestry for three previous generations. They give you the ability to research your dog’s history. Papers also help track results of any performance/champion dogs in your puppy’s lines and how well they perform in the dog sport rings.

Pedigree papers guarantee you that the puppy you buy is from the parents stated on the papers. Please be aware that there are several registries who will issue pedigree papers, the ANKC is the only nationally and internationally recognised registry in Australia. Beware when purchasing a puppy and ask about his/her ANKC pedigree papers. 

Chocabloc puppies are sold on the LIMITED REGISTER unless otherwise arranged.



"Limited Register" means that you do not have breeding or showing rights with your new puppy. Your dog is still viewed as being purebred, registered.  "Limited Register" means you still receive pedigree papers which allow for competition in dog sports including jumping, agility, dances with dogs, flyball, tracking, herding, earth dog, endurance and obedience just to name a few. Your pet is not to be used in any breeding program and may not enter a conformation show. Limited register pets are not viewed by me to be any less important than a dog on Main Register, they are raised the same way, pampered in the same ways and have the same parentage as some puppies that may be Main Registered. The difference being that some may have a small, barely noticeable fault that may not win the show or may not be recommended to breed on. Others could be  of show winning standard but I don't have a show home / breeding home lined up for them so they will be on the Limited Register. 



"Main Register" means that your puppy can be used in a registered breeding program at the appropriate age and may attend conformation shows. Your puppy is not subject to any limitation and may participate in all dog sports.


Please ask me if you are still unsure about your puppies pedigree registration papers.


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