Chocabloc Border Collies

Current Litter


After taking a lovely break from breeding we are now in the process of planning a litter for mid 2023. We will be opening our waiting list now. 

Please feel freel to enquire about our future litter plans. 

 If you are enquiring about one of our future babies we very much appreciate you taking the time to complete an application form. We are a busy family and this saves us so much time. Thanks :)


Please note that we do not allocate puppies to their homes until after 6 weeks of age, we don't believe in your puppy choosing you or you choosing your puppy based on looks at a few days old.  We believe that its only once a puppy's individual personality starts to show that a puppy can be correctly allocated to their most suitable home. In doing it this way we have never had a puppy not fit into its new home.

We are happy to discuss Main registered pups with show/breeding/sporting homes who are registered with the ANKC only.

Please take the time to read our puppy family requirements and fill out an application form. We are a very busy household who have our dogs as a hobby. We receive multiple enquiries every day so the application form helps save a lot of time on both of our parts :) 


Please feel free to register your interest. All puppies will be on Limited register only unless by prior arrangement. Preference for pups to go on Main Register will be given to show or sporting homes. 


Please feel free to email for information and availability but be prepared to answer a few questions  :-)


We will only breed a litter every now and then but when we do we hope that they go on to do great things.

 We use the Early Neurological Stimulation for Newborn Puppies method (also known as the "Super Dog" program) on our babies to help them to grow into well adjusted, responsible adult dogs. Some of the advantages of Early Stimulation:

1. Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)
2. Stronger heart beats
3. Stronger adrenal glands
4. More tolerance to stress and
5. Greater resistance to disease.

Other advantages:
In a test of learning, puppies that have been through early stimulation are more active and explorative, and solve simple tasks quicker and with less stress.

Generally speaking one can say that genetics can account for about 35% of a dogs performance and behavior. For the rest its up to breeder (and later owner) to influence and shape the dog through management, training, and nutrition. (Socialization, Environmental enrichment and training together with Early Stimulation.) Each has a cumulative effect and contributes to the development and the potential for individual performance.

Our puppies will come to you well socialised with children and other family pets so that they are ready to face the world being used to new sights and sounds as well as everyday noises.

My puppies will be Registered with Dogs Queensland (CCCQ) on the Limited Register unless otherwise arranged. Main Register may be considered under the right circumstances, please feel free to discuss these with me but don't be offended if I ask a lot of questions.




  • Their special puppy folder that has information on the breed and some of their requirements
  •  Initial Vaccination certificate
  •  Registration Certificate once Approved by CCCQ
  •  Have had a thorough Vet Check
  • A sample of Advance Puppy food 
  • Membership with the Advance Puppy Club
  • Will be worm treated for one month
  • Will be flea treated for one month
  • Started on monthly heartworm preventative
  • Will be microchipped
  • 6 weeks Health Insurance for peace of mind
  • Puppy Blanket
  • Toys
  • Collar
  • Breeder Support


No puppy will leave my care before it is 8 weeks of age, no exceptions!

We are aware of our girls and boys DNA status for hereditary diseases and will never mate a combination that will produce puppies who will have these known diseases.



 Interstate Freight can be Arranged.




Contact Details

Louise Stonehouse
Wide Bay QLD, Australia
Email :
[email protected]